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Sustainable development is a universal concept that has presently become the fundamental and primary goal of all peoples inhabiting the planet thus requiring convergent, efficient and effective actions undertaken in the future.

The sustainable development society is that king of society that has evolved within the society and shapes the socio-economic system in such a way that raw materials and material resources as well as all life-supporting elements should be properly preserved in order to ensure the meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The modern concept of sustainable development is a complex one relying on the following components: economic development, social development, environmental protection, cultural development and preservation, as well as national, regional and international security assurance.

The twenty-first century marks the transition from the industrial society to the cultural-intensive and knowledge-based society.

The struggle for sustainable development can be interpreted as systemic and convergent action aimed at: alleviating and doing away with poverty, pollution, work-related uncertainty, migration, expansion of urbanization, financial and economic crises, and last but not least preserving traditional values.

It is imperative nowadays for specialists from all fields to engage in the active promotion and support of sustainable development by means of performant management.

The Journal of Management of Sustainable Development provides an academic opportunity for the publication of research paper submitted by specialists, analyses and debates regarding all issues entailed by sustainable development evolution and management, throughout all fields of activity.

Therefore we address an invitation to specialists for all fields of activity all over the world to join our scientific enterprise meant to promote the concept of sustainable development.

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